Industrial Safety Training from the Experts at the IA Academy

Providing safety training courses for the hydraulic, pneumatic hose and connector industries at the newly built Training Academy at Industrial Ancillaries…

With more than 45 years’ experience in the industrial fittings business, Industrial Ancillaries runs a number of safety training courses designed for people working with hydraulic and pneumatic hoses across all industries including construction, oil and gas, plumbing, process and analytical instrumentation, energy, aerospace and medical.

As an industry leading distributor of superior quality hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation and process products Industrial Ancillaries is committed to strong and enduring relationships with its customers. As a BFPA approved training centre the Industrial Ancillaries Academy is an important addition to the core business in helping to raise standards and awareness, especially in the area of safety, in industry.

Our Courses

Industrial Ancillaries Academy runs training courses in partnership with the following companies:

BFPA Courses  Gates Hydraulic Courses HAM-LET Online Course 

These training programmes have been established to raise the awareness levels of people who work with hydraulic and pneumatic hoses at all levels: from the system designer and field engineer, to the machine operator and the person who actually makes hose assemblies.

The BFPA Foundation Safety Course and the practical workshop-based  Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme take the basic foundation level of knowledge and trains the individual to a fully assessed level of ability in hose assembly techniques. Additionally we have recently introduced the Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course and Small Bore Tube Integrity Course.

BFPA Courses

Attendees of all BFPA courses will receive a quality personalised course book as well as certification of attendance and will be registered on the BFPA database.

NEW for April 2017 onwards: Those who complete one or more courses will also receive the new BFPA Passport Scheme card, which is both an photo ID card and record of the courses each participant has undertaken. For more details on the Passport Scheme, see the BFPA article here

Participants who studied here in the past 2 years can also claim a Passport card retrospectively, by contacting the BFPA

foundation Foundation Safety Course

On this course you will learn about basic hydraulics from a health and safety perspective. Learn how to identify and assemble hoses and connectors as well as installation good practice and how to avoid hose and connection failure.
 Skills Hose Assembly Skills Course

This 2 day course is for anyone involved in the hose industry. You will be instructed on the correct procedures in hose assembly, thread awareness, tightening of connectors and contamination. Learn the correct way to assembly routing and installation and recommended hose management.
 hose_integ Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course

This course will provide you with knowledge of hose assembly and life expectancy, hose registration and visual inspection. Risk analysis and competence assurance as well as the ability to identify, inspect and record hose assembly. On completion of this course you will receive an industry recognised certificate.
Small Bore Tubing Integrity Course Small Bore Tubing Integrity Course

This course provides you with knowledge on practical and safety aspects of small bore tubing using twin ferrule compression fittings. It includes installation and assembly of all aspects of small bore tubing maintenance. Information on tube preparation and bending as well as tube routes and end terminators.

Other Courses at the IA Academy

 Small_Gates-Safe-Hydraulics Gates Hydraulics Course

This course covers all aspects of hydraulics safety including how to maintain a safe work environment, preventative maintenance, hose installation and assembly.

HAM-LET has an established Online College that enables methodical and structured self learning. The college covers a wide range of subjects, such as Introduction to Industrial Environments, Professional Terminology, Industrial Applications, the HAM-LET Product Range, and correct selection of products, oriented by the application’s features.